Checklist for a five paragraph essay:


Does your five paragraph essay display the following characteristics?


·       Thesis is clear. Remember that a thesis statement contains your topic or main idea, why it is important, and indication of your attitude towards it displayed in your word choice rather than an overt “I think…” statement.

·       Clear idea of your audience; your choice of words and examples appropriate for your audience.

·       Clear idea of your purpose in writing (i.e. inform, persuade, entertain, etc).

·       Good use of another person’s words and ideas. Proper quoting and paraphrasing, correct citation, integration of these ideas with your own.

·       Preview in the introductory paragraph of the supporting ideas and paragraphs to follow.

·       One main idea per paragraph; all paragraphs support thesis.  No unrelated or undeveloped ideas.

·       Use of transitions to guide your reader through your ideas, to show how each idea relates to the thesis and to the other ideas.

·       Logical order in how your ideas are presented (i.e. least important to most important, or chronological).

·       Grammar, mechanics correct.

·       Descriptive, interesting title.