English 1, Federle



“Greenland Ice Sheet Melting Faster Than Thought“
February 17, 2006 from National Public Radio’s Morning Edition


A. Research Facts (source material: NPR Radio Report):

1)      Why are researchers interested in Greenland’s icecap?_______________________________________________________________



2)      What are two opposing processes mentioned by Rignot that might either cause the icecap to melt, or to replenish it? What is actually happening?




3)      According to Harris, how fast is Greenland now losing ice? What is the effect?




4)                  According to Rignot, what was the previous time scale for the loss of a large

about of ice from Greenland?  What is it now?




5)                  According to Konrad Steffan, what process is causing the acceleration of the loss of Greenland ice?  Describe it. How fast is the glacier moving now?




6)      According to Steffan, what are the effects of this rapid melting?  What problems might these effects, in turn, cause?




7)      According to Steffan, are these processes fully understood? Does he feel that the data is certain?




1.        What is the primary cause of Greenland ice melt?

2.        What caused that condition?

3.        Why is the melting occurring at such an increased rate?

4.        What is the effect of all of this ice melt on the ocean?

5.        What is a possible effect of this on Europe’s climate?

6.        What might result from changes to Europe’s climate?

7.        Are there any other contributory causes to this situation?